Hey everyone,

I'm new here! & I have suffered KP since I was about 5 or 6?..

I get the condition on my upper arms and thighs also on my legs at the bottom but not as badly.

I find the redness of the spots gets worse with cold weather or just after showering? Also I'm now nearly 6 months pregnant and its gotten very visable from being pregnant.. (It had got better when I lost weight and got older)

But now it seems to be back for how long.. Who knows but I've been trying out new things to make it die down abit until I have the baby.

Firstly I bought skin doctors ingrow go, This was mainly because I do suffer ingrown hairs due to KP and its supposed to help with razor bumps so I figured its worth a try on the KP bumps (I did read how it works thats why I thought it was worth a try)

After using the ingrow go for about a week I realised it was starting to help but was also making my skin dry?.. So today I've applied some hydrocortizone ointment which was prescribed for my eczema.

I think its going to work as I've already started to see a huge difference. The bumps are gone and the red dots are fading (even more so with the hydrocortizone ointment?)

I do think that the redness of the dots was bad because of my hormones at the moment? xx