HomeMade Exfoliator That Works Best For KP!

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    Talking HomeMade Exfoliator That Works Best For KP!

    Hello everyone, like all of you, I spent ALOT of money on body washes/facial washes/exfoloiators and etc.

    Having Keratosis Pilaris, cost ALOT to maintain and keeping it undercrontrol.

    STOP buying exfoloiators right now! Wanna know why, Here I will tell you!

    Tonight, I was checking my facebook, one of my friends posted a new photo of himself (he has perfect, clear skin), alot of people were asking him about how he maintain such picture perfect skin, he said sugar. I was shocked by this, never thought about sugar using on my skin.

    So I went to google, found so much information about using sugar as an exfoliator. I found a recipe for the perfect exfoliator, so I went straight into my kitchen, luckly I had what it takes. I mixed everything together and went to the bathroom to see how well this works for me.

    Let me say I was shocked by this, and how amazing this works. After using it on my right arm, I have never felt such smooth skin before! I finished the left arm!

    I was so impressed by this, I used this on my face (I have Keratosis on my nose), I noticed after using my face felt fresh, brighter and newer.

    This has saved me so many money, thinking about how much we really spend on our skin, more if you have Kearatosis!

    Here is the recipe!

    Pure Cane Sugar
    Olive Oil
    First Step: Make A Paste
    Mix half a cup of sugar with 3 tbs. honey and 3 tbs. olive oil. Add water to make a thick paste.

    Second Step: Apply In The Shower
    In a hot shower, rub in circular strokes over skin. Let it set for a couple of minutes and rise.

    Third Step: The Follow Up
    Apply your favorite moisturizer (or Keratosis Creams) as soon as you get out of the tub. You will be seriously amazed how soft and smooth your skin will be.

    Repeat 2-3 times a week for optimal results!


    Here is a personal tip for perfect, kissbale lips!
    Using this homemade exfoliator on your lips, will give you the best lips you will ever have.

    Make sure after exfoliate your lips to apply lip balm!

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    Re: HomeMade Exfoliator That Works Best For KP!

    Hi James - I just keep a container of sugar in my shower and use it plain or with a rich soap. More sugar scrub recipes collected through the years are here:

    good luck!
    - bd: 46 yo F; Dr. Woods Black Soap w/Shea Butter for facewash; Sea Salt + Epsom Salt scrub in shower; Cetaphil RestoraDerm unscented lotion, Alba Botanica Kona Coffee After-Sun lotion on face; reg. exercise; OilPulling; a basic multi-vite plus calcium/Vit D, o3s; eating GLUTEN-FREE DIET for Celiac Disease, and not much dairy as I get allergic reaction; Arms 99% clear, face neck chest 98%, legs 90% clear, butt is 99% clear. All dietary treatments above help reduce my sinus congestion and joint pain besides help my skin.

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