Hello, everyone. I'm new to the KP community forum group.

Quick Background: I actually just experienced an outbreak of KP this week. My "on-call" doctor over the phone suggested this brand new rash might be KP. I'm shocked at just how fast this "rash" spread.

I've looked around and learned alot. First, this is actually not my first time with KP. Second, my second son (8 yrs old) has had KP, too. Third, we both have experienced successful cures before. Fourth, this second outbreak was sudden and intense.

Point of this Thread: I read a bit on this KP forum site and around the internet to confirm some potential options. My KP started this week with a dime size rash on my left upper arm, later that night it was a band across the arm, the next day it covered the entire upper (outer) left arm, the next day it was all over the entire upper (outer) right arm, yesterday the bumps were turning hard-ish.

Attempted Cure: I mixed up a sugar scrub and did a mechanical scrub after a 5-10 minute hot bath soak. My KP is much better, but not gone completely. I'm going to try carrot juice today for the next week.

I will say that I lived with KP on my bottom and thighs for many years throughout teen and adulthood. I never knew what it was. Our family legend is that we have the hides of rhinos but no one really discussed dry skin, KP, diet, solutions, etc. We just had this legend of rhino skin.

In the past few years, I noticed that all KP-like skin was completely gone. I have no idea what I did and am just now learning about KP and some of the things I've done over the years.

I know that I discovered the sugar scrub a couple years ago. This may have been my success. I have sugar scrubbed my younger son (especially his arms) and it seems to have worked because his KP is now extremely mild. So, I'm really thinking this might be the cure for us.

Also new to my life over these past few years:
1) I'm a vegetarian
2) I'm eating mostly whole foods
3) I usually don't eat packaged foods
4) I've reduced dairy foods (but not completely eliminated)
(I eat reduced fat cheeses in modest amounts)
5) I eat some (but not enough) MUFAs
(nuts, EVOO, olives, avocados, dark chocolate)

Sugar Scrub Recipe:
(source: Martha Stewart tv show)

2 cups white sugar
1/4 cup untoasted sesame oil
10-18 drops of lavendar essential oil (optional)

In a resealable plastic container, add sugar, sesame oil, and essential oil. Mix together until mixture looks even and oils are mixed well. Essential oils are optional and the local co-op or Whole Foods should have a variety to choose from (I like to take turns with lemon grass and lavendar--not mixed in same recipe, though)

Soak in the tub for 5-10 minutes before scrubbing. Start with arms and legs while sitting in the tub. Once limbs are done, sit up on knees or stand to get the rest of the body. Rince all sugar off and exit the tub. Pat gently to remove water but try to leave the oils.

The tub will be oily so be very careful for showers and remind other family/roommates about the tub. You can rince down the tub afterwards with a paste of baking soda and a little water to get the tub sparkly clean.

Note About Different Cures for Different People: For many years, I have been a dabbler of vitamins, herbs and ayuvedic medicine. As everyone will see just in this KP forum, there are many different cures that different people celebrate as successful.

I'm married to a gentleman from a Hindu country and we follow ayuvedic cooking and some level of ayuvedic life.

Ayuvedic medicine definitely believes that there are different body types that respond to different food and natural remedies. My husband knows his body type from a village ayuvedic medicine practictioner. I have no idea what mine is.

However, I will definitely agree that if one type of solution works for me it might not work for my husband. My younger son and I often have similar issues, preferred foods we like, and very similar body structure. I normally guess that what works for me will probably work for him.

For my husband or older son, I try out some solutions for them but with slightly less conviction that it will work. Which means, I need to be more flexible with trying stuff and be more careful until I know what's working.

Ayuvedic medicine categorizes a person and then gives a list of foods/herbs to introduce for healthy living and foods/herbs to eliminate permanently as destructive to this category. When there's a health issue, the ayuvedic medicine expert wants to know which category the patient is so that a course of treatment can match the patient's body type.

Therefore, carrot juice might help one KP patient's issue while NOT helping someone else.

It is not true that carrot juice is not effective. It is true that it is not a univeral cure for all humans. Some foods and herbs are universal--or darn close to being successful for many, most, or all people.

But just like with eating garlic and ginger is almost universal for helping prevent colds, there are some people who are not helped by this.

The beauty of ayurvedic medicine is that they have categories and thousands of years of experience where they generally know if you are not successful with garlic and ginger for colds, then you'll probably find more success with a different treatment (which I can't name off the top of my head).

There are websites that help categorize. I've never completely investigated because I tend to know the health issues I suffer from and have pretty good success with my preventive steps and cures.

Anyone interested to look in to ayurvedic medicine, please be cautious and flexible. Not all websites and claims are valid, don't try too wacky of things at first (or ever), keep track of what you do, etc. etc. etc. As with anything, you really need to be alert, aware, and informed.