I'm Erin, and my two youngest boys have KP. I didn't really know or understand what this was for quite a few years, and at the pediatrician's today, he finally told me the name.
Kaden has it on both arms, at the back above his elbow. It also gets very red, but doens't seem to bother him.
Connor has it on both cheeks, and as far as I know that's the extent of the location. It too, gets very red, but again, doesn't bother him.

I've recently bought them both hazelwood necklaces, I'm curious to see if it helps! (I bought them for other reasons, not specifically for KP). I have psoriasis quite badly, so skin conditions are in the family. I also know that on my husband's mom's side, they all have "bumpy skin" so my guess is that my boys inhereted this from their dad!
Looking forward to getting to know you all!