I've been doing this for about a week or two now and it's yielding good results. Like alot of other people have said, exfoliating doesn't get rid of the redness but it does get rid of the bumps.

What I do is go in the shower and get my body a little wet for about a minute or so, then dump some baking soda into my hand and rub it all over a certain spot for 30 seconds to a minute, or until it feels like it's done its job. It hasn't gotten rid of the bumps completely, but this is by far the best tactic I've used so far. Baking soda is extremely cheap too, it's only $1 at the health food store for a decent sized box that'll last probably 2-3 weeks.

I don't use any moisturizers and my skin seems to be doing alright as I'm doing different areas of my body on different days so I only exfoliate a certain body part about 3 times a week. I'd try it as it only costs a dollar.