Food Allergies and KP

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    Post Food Allergies and KP

    Hi everyone, it's been another long while since I've visited the forums, but with much to update with.. Since April I've been seeing a Naturopathic doctor in Ottawa, about an hour away from where I live. I was tired of the "10-minute-limit" of appointments with my general practitioner, and his approach to my health problems.

    For a brief summary of my condition:

    Since I was a child I had a problem of ballooning and dropping weight, at age 10 I was diagnosed with asthma that over the years has spun out of control, I became depressed due to the intensely stressful environments I was in (when I am unsure, it just seemed to gradually worsen throughout my childhood, hitting a peak around 11-13) and I think gradually came to an end around age 14-15.

    At age 12, KP appeared and quickly spread all over my body. It covered the entirety of my arms, legs - and I had very bad rosacea. For anyone who is curious, my lineage consists of Irish, Scottish, English, French and German roots, and my family history includes KP as well as diabetes, thyroid issues, heart disease, asthma, schitzophrenia and dimensia, high blood pressure and cholesterol, mood disorders, etc. I am the youngest in my immediate family and extended family on my fathers side, and the third youngest in my extended family on my mothers side.

    As far as sexual health, I began to menstruate late (two months after my 14th birthday) and was irregular for two years. In october - my birth month - of my 16th year, I went to my GP to make sure nothing was wrong, but instead of testing me for PCOS or another fertility disorder, he put me on birth control. The pill gave me regular periods, made me feel more feminine, but left me with mood issues, increased my fatigue and did nothing for my skin).

    The fatigue has grown along with horrible, horrible brain fog and mood swings. I miss the sharp, fast-paced rate of focus and precision I used to have - now I struggle to focus on the simplest of things, at times even conversation.. This is one of my major complaints; it leaves me feeling disconnected, and it deeply troubles me.

    I have also noticed an increased appetite over the years, and wondered to its role in my weight gain. It gets fairly complicated and mixed into all these other issues (such as a thyroid problem) that I thought I might have, so I am slowly narrowing down the culprit.

    Over the years my KP has become more agressive and the redness very, very noticeable. The texture of my skin has changed in KP-affected areas; it is hard to describe but it has a rough surface, and a plastic like feel. My skin was not moist, and I was constantly thirsty - something curious I will get to later. I am now 17, in my senior year and will be graduating in June - I am teriffied about baring my skin for graduation.

    Now, my GP has a background in pharmaceuticals and organics, but has a tendency to prescribe drugs as a first means. I showed him my skin condition at the time that he prescribed me birth control, and his response was to give me AHA lotion; which did little to no good. Frustrated, I did more research online of conditions and issues (such as vitamin deficiencies) that might lead to my status, and came across the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors ( www. ) and found the Naturopath in Ottawa that I now see.

    She sent me to get some blood tests done, to sort out a thyroid issue (I matched the symptoms and my mom is hyperthyroid). My GP first tested my TSH, which came back as .64 (very low in a normal range of .3-3 -> which I guess they are soon changing to .5 - ?) The Naturopath tested my free T3, free T4 and TSH, all came back in the middle of the accepted range (5.6, 15 and 1.37 respectively). She noted the numbers could and often did change, but was concerned with the distance of the jump - saying it wasn't normal.

    She also tested my vitamin B12 and vitamin D levels:
    Vitamin B12 accepted range is between 198 and 615 (with a preference on 500 for good health) and my result was 270. She was planning on giving me a B12 shot (B12 is nontoxic and does not accumulate harmfully in the body) to help boost my energy and help with other processes in my body. She examined my gut which was inflamed (painful and retaining liquids) and speculated that it was not able to absorb enough B12, and was also a culprit of my constant thirst.

    My vitamin D result was 47, which she said was horribly low.I'm not sure what test she did, but I think she said it was off the chart.

    Now for the real kicker; food allergies:
    My blood was tested for food allergies (delayed reactions - IGG test) and here are the results -

    In Diary:
    Moderate to Extremely allergic - Casein, cheddar cheese, cottage cheese, cows milk, goats milk, mozzarella cheese, whey, yogurt.

    In Fruit:
    Moderate to High - Banana, cranberry

    In Nuts and Grains:
    Moderate to High - Gliadin (wheat), gluten, peanut, pecan, rye, sesame seed, spelt, whole wheat.

    In Vegetables:
    Moderate to High - Asparagus

    In Meat and Alternatives:
    Extremely high - Egg white and egg yolk.

    We are going to try an elimination diet (which I have yet to start). She gave me a sheet from the clinic where they do the testing (out of Calgary, AB). On it there is a section titled "Conditions associated with IgG food reacitons"

    I'll put here what it says:

    "Weight gain: Antibody-allergen complexes in tissue cause inflammation, which causes fluid retention and weight gain. To fight inflammation, the body releases a chemical called ghrelin, which also happens to be an appetite stimulant. Thus, IgG food reactions can cause weight gain in two ways: fluid retention and increased appetite.

    Digestive disorders: Conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) have been linked to IgG food allergies. Studies have shown that elimination of foods producing an IgG reaction can alleviate IBS symptoms.

    Mood/Attention Deficit Disorders: Deposition of antibody-allergen complexes in nervous system tissues may contribute to hyperactivity, depression, anxiety, inability to concentrate and other mood disorders. There is some evidence that eliminating IgG food allergens improves attentiveness in children.

    Other conditions: Antibody-allergen complexes can be deposited in any tissue and cause symptoms over time. For example, complexes deposited in lung tissue can cause asthma or other respiratory problems; in skin tissue, eczema may result; in blood vessels, hypertension may emerge; in joints, joint pain could occur; and so on, depending on the tissues involved."

    You are probably making your own personal connections right now. For me, this sounded eerily suspicious. The weight issues, the mood issues, the respiratory issues... I tend to have bronchitis once every other year, and I have had pneumonia three times so far. One time was a walking pneumonia and was very serious. When I was younger, I also had some pretty serious anxiety. Coupled with the fact that I was living in a highly tense home, I experienced anxiety for no reason at all. When things were actually going pretty well, I would be anxious at the sun setting, or the whether changing. Or LEAVING my house (I was nearly always anxious coming home, but never in leaving). To this day I still have unexplained anxiety, which does not derive from the issues I am still dealing with emotionally and psychologically from my younger years. I will have nothing expected of me, and I will be very relaxed, doing something I enjoy - and gradually my mood will change, and I will become anxious. It is not as severe anymore, but I wonder if its in part to physical health as well.

    What I am hoping will come from this post are suggestions from forum members about what foods I might be able to use to replace those I am allergic to. I realize spelt is a common alternative to gluten, but one that I can't rely on. If anyone can suggestspecific products or name brands, even stores where I can find them - I would be so grateful.

    If you have any questions at all; DO ask. I realize I may have left a lot out; there is just so much to mention. I don't have any problems answering any questions that may be very personal , either. If anyone wants to post a hypothesis this post has inspired them to create, or allowed them to fortify, then please do. Even if you have any other interesting and relative information - share! I am hoping that this will become a thread devoted to food allergies, diet, vitamin information, and the like.

    Thank you to everyone!

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    Re: Food Allergies and KP

    you still have that rosacea?

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    Re: Food Allergies and KP

    Yes, but it is not as noticeable as before. There has been a significant change even in the past year. I think this is due to the supplements I am taking..
    Forgot to mention this earlier.

    Right now I am taking:

    - Vitamin D (liquid form) - 10 drops/day @ 1,000 IU each for one month (10,000 IU/day) then down to 1,000 IU a day. This is to boost my Vitamin D levels.
    - 1/2 cup carrot juice a day (non-toxic vitamin A)
    - Vitamin A - toxic form - 3 capsules/day @ 10,000 IU each for one month (30,000 IU/day) then down to 1/day (10,000 IU)
    - Zinc Citrate - 1 capsule/day @ 30mg.
    - Beta Carotene (Natural Provitamin A) - 1 capsule/day @ 25,000 IU
    - Magnesium Complex - 1 capsule/day:
    L-Tryptophan @ 300mg
    Magnesium Taurate @ 50mg
    Magnesium Glycinate @ 50mg
    Magnesium Orotete @ 25mg
    Magnesium Fumarate @ 25mg
    - 2 tbsp Nutrasea fish oil/day
    - 1 cup water w/ground flax
    - 1-2 capsules Multi-Probiotic 4000:
    L. Acidophilus @ 1.150 billion
    L. Rhamnosus @ 1.150 billion
    L. Rhamnosus/ L. Rhamnosus (Type B, Bifidux) @ 775 Million
    S. Lactis @ 275 million
    Bifidobacterium Longum @ 275 million
    B. Bifidum @ 275 million
    S. Thermophilus @ 150 million
    FOS @ 175mg
    Ulmus Fulva @ 40mg

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    Re: Food Allergies and KP

    Before completely starting the diet, my KP was already reducing in redness and bumps.. It has 'flushed' less often and today is my third day of being off the foods completely. I've noticed the texture of my skin is softer, seems to be retaining more moisture.. The dots on my legs have lessened in intensity by about 50%. I have been wanting to sleep a lot more lately, too.. but that could be due to a lot of irrelevant things. 'll continue to monitor it in the coming weeks, but I'm finally beginning to ease into and adjust to the diet. So far I am appreciating the results.. especially because my KP is severe and very stubborn.. I've never had anything else, no oral or topical treatment, match or surpass these results!

    Hope everyone's doing well.
    Age 17
    Severe KP Along Limbs
    Major Complaint: Redness

    Soon-to-be treatment:
    Food allergy elimination diet (wheat and dairy free)
    Supplementing with Vitamin A, D, B12, K, Zinc, Magnesium, Fish Oil, Probiotics, Ground Flax Seed and lots of Water!

    Status updates @ !

    Feel free to email or PM!

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